Time For a New Start

This post represents a new direction in my creative career, in which I’m teaching myself the art of photography. It started with a desire to be the family photographer, grew to compliment my design career, but now there’s an itch for something more. Call it a retirement plan. I’m going wide in the “classes” I’ll be taking: portrait, landscape, still life, strobist, etc. no limits! I’m a year one student so the idea is that over time I’ll whittle my focus down.

Like many creative people I find documentation is a great tool for tracking growth, so this site will serve as a notebook along the way. I want to understand what I did right, and keep myself motivated when everything is going wrong. I’ve decided to post my photos on Flickr with the plans of finding other enthusiasts who’s work I enjoy, maybe even a local community to join.

So I start it off with the above photo; nothing groundbreaking just a pile of fall leaves (aren’t we all suckers for these?). Its a tab bit over-processed and a little under-exposed, however it marks the point where I felt the need for this new direction so it’s just right.